Day: The target was set!

Following on from my last post, I might have mentioned that a holiday is the way to go in my quest for getting myself back in shape. It’s an expensive target, but one that I truly believes works. 

So we booked one.

I have just over 4 months to get myself sorted; my tummy taught, my legs toned, my ass lifted and my play doh arms shaped to almost perfection – because no one is perfect right! So instead, I’ll strive for almost perfect.  Quite the challenge when so far, my days are full of sofa snuggles with the new arrival. Well you have to enjoy them while they’re young! Routine shmootine. We just roll with each day…

Anyhoo – I took my first body shot today (see above), because I refuse to weigh myself. And no I will NOT post on it on here. I understand that the point of a diet and fitness blog is to show everyone your wobbly bits and the progress you make in order to drive and motivate others. But not here. Not on this blog. Here is where you will READ about my progress and laugh at my regular failures.

I will, of course, post a “Then & Now” image eventually once I’m in a happier place with my body. That way, I won’t be so down on myself with the “Then” shot. Because by the time it’s gone online, I’m in a happy place with the “Now” shot. So won’t care that I once looked like a dowdy, tanless frump.  Because by that point, I’ll be a toned, tanned goddess! (Well, that’s the dream anyway!).

So for now, use your imagination: I’m 5ft 4.5″ (YES that half inch matters!). Dark hair. Brown eyes…. I’ve pushed out a human. My boobs are ruined. My stomach is soft. My newly acquired chocolate addiction has provided me with an overgrown ass and solid thighs, complete with orange peel styled dimples! Yep. There it is. True story.

Day one is almost over and I’ve not yet had an unhealthy bite in my body. But the day is still going. There’s still time. It’s not yet finished. I’m still awake and have plenty of scope for what I like to call ‘Kitchen Cupboard Creeping’ – the dieters version to the perverted ‘Corridor Creeping’. So ta ra for now folks… *wanders off to the kitchen without a second thought*