Day: Setting a goal

feardreamOh hello, it’s been a while. I might have been somewhat distracted of late, with the arrival of a mini human.

The baking and arrival of said miniature being, has caused me to gain not only weight, but an addiction to chocolate. OK the weight front hasn’t actually been as bad as I’d anticipated. To be honest, I was preparing myself for the reflection in the mirror to resemble something of Elephant (wo)Man,  but, and I’m not being smug about this by any means, I fit into my pre preggo clothes 7 weeks down the line… So that must mean I’ve done OK. 

Shocking really, since I can’t remember the last time I turned down anything edible – cake has been my binge of choice. It helps that Biggy Snacks bakes a mean one! So naturally I offer myself as head ‘taster’ and ‘cake mix eater’. Waste not want not and all that. If the kids can lick the bowl, then so can I… so long as they get the hell outta my way! Hop it little ones – this bowl is MINE!

Yes – I do actually deprive my nephews of this treat. It’s not good for them. Messy.

That all said, I do actually miss working out. Not enough that I’ve participated in any form of sweaty activities yet, BUT I do miss the idea of it all the same. As you may have learnt during my months of blogging, I need a target – a goal. I’m not talking weight related because I haven’t weighed myself since the start of pregnancy. I’ve literally gone by the fit of my clothes. I can see a few pounds have crept on, but nothing that worries me yet.

So, this target. I’m thinking – a holiday?! Makes sense right… aim for something that requires getting the gut out in public. If that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is!