Day: I power prammed. Kind of.

Today was a big day in the world of exercising “with child”. I braved what they like to call a “Power Pramming” group. I think it went really well actually. Like, REALLY well. We survived the torture… It might have something to do with the first 30 minutes passing us by as though it never even happened, I mean, […]

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Day: Ouch

It’s the day after I decided to finally get my weights in from the garage and pull a few moves with them. It’s shocking to see how much my strength has deteriorated since bringing another mini human into the world. I mean – I could only manage 3 sets of 5 weighted squats, as opposed to […]

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Day: Setting a goal

Oh hello, it’s been a while. I might have been somewhat distracted of late, with the arrival of a mini human. The baking and arrival of said miniature being, has caused me to gain not only weight, but an addiction to chocolate. OK the weight front hasn’t actually been as bad as I’d anticipated. To be […]

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