Getting itchy to workout… But opting for a Nandos

There are so many reasons right now why I’ve become somewhat of a lazy hermit.

  1. The weather is miserable. Which means I am miserable.
  2. I’m heavy and uncomfortable and can’t move much without making heaving noises (and figured the sound effects at least entertain me!). Confused? Visit my other blog, ‘SnacksNTheKiddy‘ to see why I quite often sound like (and currently look like) a walrus in distress!
  3. I like watching films. With a duvet. And a hot chocolate. Who wouldn’t!?

So, to summarise, I’ve noticed that my once very active, go for a run in the morning and lift weights in the evening self, has faded away.

But now, I’m getting itchy to get back on track, if only the damn sun would come out, I’d walk more. If I could be a*sed to get my weights from the garage, I’d work my arms. If I didn’t feel like my nether regions were dragging on the floor, I’d participate in some yoga stretches.

So you see, you may think of these as (very) lame excuses. I see them as reasons. Very valid reasons. And not only that, but reckon the workout’s will have to take a back seat for a while yet anyway…

Oh, sod it. I’m off to Nandos.