Day: Thank you Whole Earth. I salute you!

I love coffee. A lot. I was brought up on the stuff from a young age… must be the Italian in me. 5 years old and there I was, sipping on coffee every morning like a true Mafia child! But my love of coffee came to a sad end when I cut it out ahead of my wedding day in the hope to help clear up my skin and look as best as possible – as you do.

Now I’ve never really known if it’s the milk in the coffee or the coffee itself that brings my skin out. So since the big day a few years back now, I’ve opted for a black decaff when wanting to treat myself. I still break out, but only minimally. I don’t drink it for the high – pretty sure after my early start in life, I’ve become immune to the caffeine. No, I drink it because I just LOVE the smell and taste of coffee. To me, it’s a home comfort you can have anywhere. I literally love to “Wake up and smell the coffee!”

ANYWAY – yesterday, I saw a dear friend of mine, who introduced me to THIS STUFF…

Organic NoCaf 100gWhole Earth Caffeine Free Coffee Substitute!!! WELL HELLO!!! Made with:

Organic barley (38%)
Organic malted barley (27%)
Organic chicory (23%)
Organic rye
Organic figs(2%)
*Organic Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

…not an ounce of coffee or caffeine in there, why wouldn’t you opt for this when trying to be healthy! Despite the very random ingredients, I can honestly tell you, it tastes just like coffee… It’s made in Italy too, so you know they’ll get it right!

So for me, this means ONE thing. I can drink coffee again… ALL DAY, ERRR DAY!!!!!!

BUY IT NOW at Whole Earth Foods.