Getting itchy to workout… But opting for a Nandos

There are so many reasons right now why I’ve become somewhat of a lazy hermit.

  1. The weather is miserable. Which means I am miserable.
  2. I’m heavy and uncomfortable and can’t move much without making heaving noises (and figured the sound effects at least¬†entertain me!). Confused? Visit my other blog, ‘SnacksNTheKiddy‘ to see why I quite often sound like (and currently look like) a walrus in distress!
  3. I like watching films. With a duvet. And a hot chocolate. Who wouldn’t!?
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Day: Back on the smoothies!

Off to the studio this morning, so thought I’d very quickly share my morning smoothie recipe with you. There’s no better way to kick start a healthy day… It’s quick (you all know how I LOVE quick foods and snacks), easy and super healthy!

There’s nothing worse than wanting to make your own smoothie, but being faced with a ton of ingredients you’d have to shop especially for, from a superfood shop too… So here’s my yummy take, with just FOUR ingredients! YES FOUR! AND IT’S DELISH… Continue reading

Day: I ate a healthy dinner – for a change


This month means one thing for me. COUNTDOWN!

I’ve not obsessed at all about what I’ve eaten through this whole experience. So much so, that I’ve started noticing just how much a chocolate treat has become my snack of choice. HOW I’m not a heffer (yet), I’ll never know. I don’t want to speak too soon though as these things tend to creep up on you and am just waiting for the morning that I wake up and look in the mirror, to be faced with Elephant (wo)Man! Continue reading