Day: Sharing and walking-ish

Todays been a good day for general life.

Not only did I find myself in Dunelm Mills with Mumma Snacks, buying ‘finishing touches’ for the house, but we shockingly found ourselves (man, I’m even a little embarrassede to be admitting this…) but, in their cafe (why else do you think I love that place so much)…

sharing a single cake!

WTF!? Who even does that?

US! That’s who!!!

I’m not entirely sure who suggested it. It might have even been me (palm face moment). What was I thinking? I have every excuse to have my own cake nowadays. Not only because of being ‘with child’ but it’s my birthday this weekend… which means, it’s pretty much my birthday week right!? No one has a Birth – DAY anymore!

Not only did I have half a cake today, but I walked. For quite a while too – off road in the country. I’d call it more of a plod actually…

…in fact, if I’m being entirely honest here, it was more a case of being pulled along by a one of Mumma D’s dogs. There were of course offers from Mr Snacks to take over the lead, but if it wasn’t for being pulled, the act of ‘walking’ would have become none exisitant, and ultimately would have ended up being just me, outside, in the cold,… standing. Which isn’t exactly what I was aiming to achieve.

So all in all, I feel today’s been pretty successful! I promise these posts will become more motivational and about fitness and healthy eating once I’ve popped. You’ll be able to join me in the journey of getting back on track.But right now… let’s just embrace the excuses I have to be fat and lazy, ok! Work with me here!

Oh but I did see this… drool!!!