Day: Dream Goals


As much as I hate to admit it, I’m starting to lose motivation on the workout front. Mainly because I can’t seem to do anything without dying from loss of breath or feeling uncomfortable because a certain being is starfishing inside of me. So I’m left with “power” walking, and um… yeah, that’s about it. Because trekking to the gym to lift a couple of weights for 20minutes just hardly seems worth it now!¬†

So instead, I’m finding myself dreamily scrolling through images of fitness models on Pinterest, drooling at their overly toned abs, arms, legs, butt… ya know the images I’m talking about right? The completely unrealistic images of women who are not only a foot taller than me, but are perminantely tanned from living in some sort of sunshine state like L.A; the women with the worlds longest, slenderest legs, with the peachiest of butts that they are able to wear a thong bikini with no shame of orange peel; the women with the arms of madonna and washboard abs, complete with tan!

Oh yeah, that’s what I’ve resorted to doing now. Dreaming that one day, I might, just might, be able find the strength and energy between sleepless nights and nappy changes, to get my overgrown butt into gear and back to some kind of shape that doesn’t wobble at any given opportunity, or spread over the tops of clothes, uninvited.

Now excuse the slightly perverted butt shot, but come on ladies… how can you NOT want an a*se like that!? And those abs! You see what I mean now right? I reckon it would be a full time job to end up like this, and with a very boring diet too. I’m all for working hard to achieve goals, but not without enjoying life too. And by life, I mean, food. And by food, I mean cake… and sweets, and chocolate, and curry, and bread, and cheese, and wine, and…

//: Amazing abs!: