Day: Jam Jar Breakfast – obviously

So Biggy Snacks has been looking out for me and made me, what I can only describe as “healthy cr*p” for breakfast – complete with, and served up in a jam jar… I mean, of course, I couldn’t possibly eat it from a bowl. No way jose! That  would surely ruin the taste… the look…. the PHOTO OPPORTUNITY!

OK, so maybe calling it “healthy cr*p” is a little harsh. The technical term for it, I believe, is “Overnight Oats“. I mean, I finished it. All of it. Like, literally scooped out every last scrap. I was close to licking the jar! But that’s just because I wanted to show appreciation and gratitude. Nothing to do with the fact I could feel the pounds dropping off with every mouthful! OK again, slight exageration – but you get the idea. Oh and the jam jar? Despite giving the picture a look of ‘this is how cool I am eating breakfast from a jam jar’ feel, it’s actually pretty handy to have it this way. Then, if you don’t want to demolish it in one – like Tubsy over here – you can put the lid back on and return to it later! It’s pretty perfect, annoyingly.

Aparently these ‘soaked oats’ recipes are a great way to fill up on goodness in one meal – and if you’re organised enough in your evenings, can save you a great amount of breakfast making time in the morning. It’s grab and run kinda food! PLUS, natural oats are slow release carbs, which is what makes it so great to have for breakfast – keeping you on the go until lunch (if you’re lucky to get one that is!)

So here’s the recipe for this particular pot of yum I seemingly demolished… (the name doesn’t exactly suggest health conscious – but stick with it!)


35 gms porridge oats
2 tbsp chia seeds
– mix both together, then add…
1 tbsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp cashew butter (almond butter)
1 tbsp coconut sugar (optional)
100gms (1 pot) of chocolate soya dessert (Alpro)
– Mix all together to loosen the cashew butter and combine all ingredients, then finally add…
150 gms unsweetened almond milk
– mix together, pour into a jar of sorts – some might say a jam jar is best – and leave in the fridge over night, ready to be enjoyed for breakfast!

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