Day: If you can justify it…

Carrot cake (yeah yeah, I’m back on this one)

If you read this blog on the regs, you’ll know that I am a pretty big fan of Carrot cake. I’m not sure if that’s a subconscious decision due to the fact my mind tells me it’s a ‘healthier’ option. A bit like Banana cake. Surely there has to be an element of it being a fraction healthier than the normal chocolate sort???

Anyway, I decided I fancied a slice of said cake. So in order to get my sliced fix, figured I’d need to buy a full cake right!? They don’t sell them in slices after all, unless you find yourself in a coffee shop… I didn’t find myself there. I found myself in Budgens.

So I bought it. Had a slice. Gave a slice to Mumma Snacks. And found myself left with the remainder of the cake.

I’d have quite happily eaten the whole thing there and then. But that’s just not good sense. Either way, I plan to demolish it. Surely a slice/doorstop wedge a day is better than yamming it in one…..?

…Or is it?

 *’Ere she goes – justification alert!*

I mean, let’s face it. Regardless of when you eat it, it’s all going to end up in the same stomach with the same amount of calories and sugar and all that other bad (good) stuff. So. REALLY… what’s the actual difference apart from some SERIOUS judgements from Mr Snacks!? He might find himself disgusted and somewhat turned off by my crumb sprinkled self. But I’m keeping relatively active in the run up to the new arrival. I’m not sat on my ever growing behind watching re-runs of the Kardashians (maybe I am on Sundays). And I’m not gorging all day and night long (maybe just on Fridays and Saturdays)… So to summarise, screw you, I’m finishing the cake!

(I reckon I won myself a pretty good battle just there…)