Day: Sharing and walking-ish

Todays been a good day for general life.

Not only did I find myself in Dunelm Mills with Mumma Snacks, buying ‘finishing touches’ for the house, but we shockingly found ourselves (man, I’m even a little embarrassede to be admitting this…) but, in their cafe (why else do you think I love that place so much)… Continue reading


Day: Dream Goals


As much as I hate to admit it, I’m starting to lose motivation on the workout front. Mainly because I can’t seem to do anything without dying from loss of breath or feeling uncomfortable because a certain being is starfishing inside of me. So I’m left with “power” walking, and um… yeah, that’s about it. Because trekking to the gym to lift a couple of weights for 20minutes just hardly seems worth it now!  Continue reading

Day: Jam Jar Breakfast – obviously

So Biggy Snacks has been looking out for me and made me, what I can only describe as “healthy cr*p” for breakfast – complete with, and served up in a jam jar… I mean, of course, I couldn’t possibly eat it from a bowl. No way jose! That  would surely ruin the taste… the look…. the PHOTO OPPORTUNITY!
Continue reading

Day: If you can justify it…

Carrot cake (yeah yeah, I’m back on this one)

If you read this blog on the regs, you’ll know that I am a pretty big fan of Carrot cake. I’m not sure if that’s a subconscious decision due to the fact my mind tells me it’s a ‘healthier’ option. A bit like Banana cake. Surely there has to be an element of it being a fraction healthier than the normal chocolate sort??? Continue reading