Day: Cleaning counts as exercise, right?

Yesterday I decided was my ‘rest day’ from the gym after going every single day so far this week (as explained in my previous post), and instead, indulged in a two scoop tub of icecream AND a £10 bag of pick ‘n mix at the cinema with Mr Snacks.

So, because of this disgraceful indulgance (it wasn’t disgraceful at all, it was frickin’ delish!), realised I’d need to work it off quick sharp – but the gym just seemed too much of an effort, and to be honest with you, I’ve neglected the house a little. Everyone goes on about this ‘nesting’ phase I’ll go through, but I really don’t think I’m going to get the bug. Who in their right mind WANTS to clean to that degree!?

So I whipped round the house, and I mean I was really giving it some; stretching up high to wipe mirrors, long lunges with the hoover and deep squats into all sorts of awkward corners to pick up paraphernalia. So, there it was. My Thursday workout done. What more do you want? I have a clean house AND I’m few calories down; well, probably up by now – I had a visitor over earlier…

We ate cake.

Anyhoo, below you will see a list of general tasks and the number of calories you’re likely to burn every 30minutes of that task… interesting, as I’m not entirely sure what the difference is between “Watching TV” (not moving, just breathing), “Reading: Sitting” (again, not moving, just breathing) and “Sleeping” (you get the idea). Or in fact, why they’re on the list at all amongst actual chores. So, I guess it looks like I’ve got a few things to catch up on… I better get my sleep on! Ta ra!