Day: Um, Duh, it’s Friday… obvs!


Happy Friday everyone! I’ve achieved great things already in making myself look and feel about 10years younger…

I dyed my glitter highlights! Woo!

OK grey. I dyed my grey hair, OK!

Shocking as it may be to you all, I do suffer the wrath of grey hair. Weirdly it’s always on the left side of my head so isn’t even like it’s evenly spread glitter strands that I could fashion. Sorry for the overtly girly term for it – not usually like me to be all “glitter and sparkles, eeee”. But for this, it just seems to make me feel a little less elderly at the tender age of 32. Although as Biggy Snacks seems to remind me, I’m hanging onto that age by the skin of my teeth! Point is, I’m still 32. Fact.

thought of the day (so far – I’m aware it’s only lunchtime)

It doesn’t always have to be healthy eating and exercise to make yourself look and feel fresh – just get rid of the greys!