Day: Choccie with Cinders

There was something a little wrong about meeting my old buddy today, you know, I mentioned her before… the Disney princess, CINDERELLA – who is now at the top of her game as a Personal Trainer – and ordering the sickliest hot chocolate, topped with cream and marshmallows, that I found, was actually rather liberating. Right in front of her eyes.

There I am, every day, following her Facebook and Instagram updates of healthy meals, workout videos and blogs, that should have left me feeling a little self conscious about my order but instead, I went all in:

ME: Um, I’ll have the best hot chocolate you’ve ever made ever please.

BARMAN: Would you like cream and marshmallows with that?

ME: *Slight snigger – as if cream and marshmallows wasn’t a given*   Yes… yes I would!


So there we were. Me, wrapped up in my scarf and comfies, slurrping on the “Best Hot Chocolate The Barman Has Ever Made”, and Cinders, opposite me, looking hot to trot, in her fancy (although somewhat loud, but can pull it off because she’s the size of a beautifully toned twig) workout gear.

It was a beautiful moment I can tell you. Chalk and cheese. Me wanting to be fit and healthy… her ACTUALLY being fit and healthy. It was like a moment in life where you realise opposites do attract.

I guess now that I’ve mentioned her a couple of times on here, I should probably do a share of her work as a “Thank you for letting me call you Cinders on my blog”:


Check her out guys! She won’t be wearing her gown or crown, but she WILL be motivational. More than my blog of what seems to be a written account of constant failures at the moment. I’ll just keep justifying my failures as your entertainment. Agreed!?