Day: Being Italian is probably my problem

quoteIt’s days like this that living round the corner from Biggy Snacks, saves me having to cook.

In true Italian fashion, the sister decides she wants to feed me up and save me a tray of lasagne (please do NOT pronounce the G when saying this word. It drives me insane. pron: Lasania)… to see me through the week.

Being from an Italian family, you don’t often dare say ‘no’ when it comes to offers of food *Insert face of realisation of my love of food*… although thinking it’ll see me ‘through the week’ is probably stretching it a bit. I do eat Italian portion sizes after all. It’ll probably see me through to ‘lunch time tomorrow’!

So, yeah, cheers Bigs! I guess I’ll find myself in a food coma by the time I’m finish. I usually like to do some kind of workout on a Monday to set myself up for the week. But I think I can let this one slide… Well hello there sofa. Come to mumma!