Day: Trying to plan ahead… and wanting to stick to it.

Quote(So I might have adapted this quote a little – to suit my more regular bad days).

Ok, as I thought, today has been a little on the snacky side after my super healthy breakie. But that’s ok. I’m not going to beat myself up about it. So a few Minstrels here and there and  a Kinda Bueno isn’t going to kill anyone…

Huh? Oh I know… it’s only 8pm on this fine Saturday night, and my veg out night hasn’t really kicked off yet – so am sure there’ll be a few more goody treats to add to the list. So shoot me!


I do plan to wake up, and either go to the gym or do my Ballet Barre workout, before I let my day really kick off. And by kick off, I mean attend a kids party. Because a kids party for adults really only means one thing – soothing your ears and patience with the snacks and cake that you can only hope will be on offer! Else I’m leaving.