Day: Hello green smoothie, it’s been a while!

So yesterday this happened… (and yes, there’s a chance I may have looked a little dishevelled like this too).

…But I went to the gym! I did 10 minutes on the bike, 10 minutes on the treadmill, then a circuit of arm weights and various styles of squats. It was enough for me at this point, since I shouldn’t overdo it too much as my regularity of gym visits haven’t been as often as I’d originally hoped. It took about 40 minutes, so I like to call that type of workout a “Power Half Hour”.

Because of this little trip to the muscle busting joint, I then woke up with a clear head which resulted in making and drinking one of these for brekkie…

Smoothie Recipe

1 Apple
2 Celery Sticks
1 Banana
A few inches of Cucumber
Lemon Juice
Tropicana (Orange and Lime)


I know the Tropicana let’s it down a little (or a lottle), but give a girl a break! It’s an improvement, so as far as I’m concerned, as long as I’m improving, it’s a step in the right direction.

I might even do the 15 minute ballet barre workout later. I’ll see how I feel… one thing at a time yeah!