DAY: [video] Ballerina Dreamin’

Love this ballet look—long lean muscles... NO bulky muscles! This is why I do barre for a dancers body!:


There’s something about the elegance and grace of a ballerina that really captures my attention. Oh and also their long, lean, limbs! Ok, mainly their long lean limbs… I mean, those arms are so dainty right through to their fingertips. Not like my somewhat hairy arms and stubby fingers – accompanied by some seriously Madonna style veins on my hands. Mmmm, sexy!

And those legs. They go on forever!

It must be something in my blood because my mum, my sister and I have always been huge fans of Swan Lake. We’ve been to see it in London, and quite often (only the other day in fact), we watched it together on TV. We (yes we, meaning all of us) tend to find ourselves impersonating the dancers. Of course, we’re only being silly… I mean, we don’t really think we look as good as them. We’re not even trying to, so…


ANYWAY, Barre workouts are making quite a bit of noise lately in that you can enjoy 40 minutes of feeling just slightly graceful while working out every muscle in your body. Only small movements, but with huge results. Stand by your chair (the barre) to lightly support your balance and work through a number of balletic movements to help tighten and tone your legs, bum, abs and arms. I’m desperately trying to get my friend to start up a class – she was a former ballerina herself, turned Cinderella! YES! THE ACTUAL DISNEY CINDERELLA AS SEEN AT DISNEYLAND! (I DON’T KNOW WHY I’M SHOUTING… BUT THAT’S PRETTY EXCITING RIGHT!?!!?)

If you really want to, you could even fashion a pair of leg warmers. Just to get into character. They say dress for the part if you want to perform!? I don’t know who “they” are, but I think they’re right.

…hmm, I might even look for a tutu…. *attention fades out to eBay*

 (While I’m searching out my Swan-like attire, why don’t you check out this 15 minute Barre Workout vid….)