Day: I realised my arse won’t shrink on it’s own!

ChairOverhangThere are times I surprise myself.

While my workout of choice has been some serious amounts of house painting, I have just baffled myself by only eating one pudding today at Sunday lunch round Mumma D’s. I mean – not only that, but I didn’t have a single carb in my roast (ok, white lie alert… I may have had a small Yorkshire pud).

Anyway, can you even call it a ‘roast’ if you don’t participate in the eating of potatoes? It was basically a plate full of veggies and meat. Followed by my one main pudding which included pears – note: a very high in fibre fruit, despite being smothered in succulent syrup – I’m pretty impressed with my achievement.

I’d like to think I’ll get my growing butt to the gym this week though, since the painting is practically finished now – and I can’t spend my days sitting on this behind while it spreads over the sides of my chair. While you may worry about muffin top, I’m currently worrying about what I like to call “chair overhang”. Yeah. You heard right…

Chair Overhang: where ones backside flops generously over the sides of a chair seat, ultimately looking like a 1990’s bed valance.