Day: My ‘gear’ no longer fits!


I think it’s about time I purchased myself some new temporary workout garms. I’ve lasted this long without – despite looking like a little umper lumper in clothes that are clearly not fit for rotund tums. So I give in. I can’t cope with the tight waistbands, (which I’m sure feels like abuse to Mini Snacks) and ridden up tops any longer. I just end up looking like a teen with no concern for my exposed pot belly (what’s that about, by the way??). Plus, I’m getting the looks of “My my, she’s enjoyed Christmas!” from fellow gym goers.

Time to step this up and get myself looking less – “Watch out, I’m gonna blow!” to more “Watch out, I’m a woman on a mission!”.

I love the Fabletics range, but I just can’t justify spending that money on clothes that I would like to hope will only fit me for the coming months. Maybe I can buy some when I’m needing a new lease of motivation post arrival.

For now, I think I’ll stick to a spot of M&S. What? Oh, you think I’m still a bit too cool for M&S – I know, I know, you’re completely right… but needs must my friends. Needs must.


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