Day: I didn’t use brown paint.


It’s been a quiet couple of days on the diet and fitness front.

I’ve noticed my level of snacking between meals has minimised!

Um, I’m drinking more water…

Oh and I painted my “office” yesterday. And yes, I will class that as exercise. According to, you can burn up to 167 calories every 30 minutes of painting – not to mention the lifting and heaving of ‘stuff’ around! I was at it practically all morning, and then again in the evening with the second coat. I don’t even go to the gym for that amount of time.

PLUS it was good for the mind – painting is actually really therapeutic. I managed to clearly think about all the other chores I needed to accomplish before the arrival of Mini Snacks. Oh and I also managed to decide on dinner that evening. Something that’s been quite a struggle for me of late (it was pasta and homemade sauce if anyone was wondering).

So really, to summarise.. paint more to achieve more.



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