Day: Hello 2016


Happy New Year to one and all. It’s been a while. But don’t fear, I’m back and ready to blow your socks off with a multitude of kooky posts about my diet and fitness successes and failures while I count down to the impending birth of Mini Snacks. 

I was always one to be like, “Oh yeah, I’ll defo keep up the gym when I’m cooking”… but that hasn’t exactly been the case. I mean, I haven’t not gone. I’ve been twice.

That twice is better than not at all. Fact. That said, I have found myself participating in a somewhat indulgent diet plan:

  • Wake up
  • Grab a snack whilst making breakfast
  • Eat breakfast
  • Graze on snacks until lunch
  • Eat lunch
  • Graze on snacks until dinner
  • Eat dinner (with pud)
  • Graze on snacks until I….Zzzzzzz

Somehow, SOMEHOW… I’ve not spread too much. Yet. But I’m not one to be smug about such things, there’s still plenty of time for that and with the diet plan I’ve followed over the festivities (reference my routine above), I’m just waiting to wake up one morning the size of a house.

But the New Year is in, and like most tragic wannabes, figured it’s always a good time to turn over a new leaf. Get my head in a healthy place of thought and get myself healthy in mind, body and soul. So a couple of power workouts a week, mixed with some long walks should sort me out while I’m carrying an extra load. It’s basically like carrying a constant light weight around. Light weights help you tone, do they not?

So, with that, I’ll sign off with a Happy New Year! I’m off to enjoy my last Sunday of what I like to call the food spring clean – finishing off all snacks in the drawers and cupboards, rather than chucking or giving them away – that would be ungrateful for those that spent the time, money and thought, buying them. Now if you don’t mind, I’m off to grab a Quality Street. The toffee penny, no the strawberry cream… no wait, the big purple one… Oh sod it, all of the above.


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