Day: Cleaning counts as exercise, right?

Yesterday I decided was my ‘rest day’ from the gym after going every single day so far this week (as explained in my previous post), and instead, indulged in a two scoop tub of icecream AND a £10 bag of pick ‘n mix at the cinema with Mr Snacks. Continue reading


Day: Every single day

OK, hold yourself right there! I am on FIRE this week. Get this…

I’ve been to the gym EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

(YES, I’m aware it’s only Tuesday… however, that does not take away from the little proud fact I’m declaring above. Keep your judgements to yourself.)

However, YOU might be aware that this week consists – so far – of two days. Monday. And Tuesday. And I’ve been to the gym both days. That’s every single day. So, go on, bring it…! Your point is??

Day: Choccie with Cinders

There was something a little wrong about meeting my old buddy today, you know, I mentioned her before… the Disney princess, CINDERELLA – who is now at the top of her game as a Personal Trainer – and ordering the sickliest hot chocolate, topped with cream and marshmallows, that I found, was actually rather liberating. Right in front of her eyes. Continue reading

Day: Being Italian is probably my problem

quoteIt’s days like this that living round the corner from Biggy Snacks, saves me having to cook.

In true Italian fashion, the sister decides she wants to feed me up and save me a tray of lasagne (please do NOT pronounce the G when saying this word. It drives me insane. pron: Lasania)… to see me through the week.

Continue reading