Day: The calm before the storm…

So this is it. The night before the week of change.

I have sat on my ass… a lot.
I have slept… a lot.
I have treated myself… a lot.

…you see where I’m going with this right? Basically, in simple terms, I’ve become rather a lazy bitch! Hands up. I admit it. So shoot me!

But tomorrow, my gym is back. It’s reopened. It’s time to make use of that membership. Right now, the nugget seems to be the boss of my willpower and motivation – but, my lovely little bean child, shit’s about to change! Oh yes:

Mumma does NOT wanna get (unnecessarily) fat!

Yes it’ll be hard – who wants to hit the gym during these dark nights after a long day at work.  BUT I’ll be damned if I don’t even try! So. Bed for me now… over and out.


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