Day: Chocolate cake beat me


Even though I’m looking forward to my gym opening back up next week, I feel I can justify a ‘final week’ of failures before the real work starts.

I started off my day with all intentions of drinking the smoothie I’d made with what I had available in the fridge – but turns out, as I was lacking in some vital ingredients. It was vile.

So down the sink it went, and instead filled the toaster with bread. Starting my day with toast always sets me back. To the point where…

It was mid-afternoon in the office, and in the distance I hear the angel-like voices of a nearby team singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to a fellow colleague. This, for me. meant one thing…. CAKE!

So gave it a few minutes before I decided to trot off to wish said colleague a happy birthday. She wasn’t there by this point. But the cake was. So – I cut what I thought was a polite slice.

It was then a friend of mine said, “So, have you started using the ‘eating for two’ excuse yet!?”.

“Er. No. I use the ‘I like to eat’ excuse actually.”

I mean, does one need an excuse nowadays to eat cake? Not in my world.

But yes, you may be wondering. And you are probably wondering right. I have a miniature snacks growing inside of my gut. This is a wonderful thing of course, but it has it’s downsides… Less room for food.


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