Day: I planned my comeback


It’s miserable outside. And since my last few posts have been of quite a miserable nature, figured it was about time I injected some energy into my life. And not fail for a change.


Turns out, my gym that has been closed since August for a refurbishment and take over, is re-opening on 2nd November. This, for me, is great news. I love the home workouts when lifting weights,  but the motivation to run in the rain now is understandably, quite minimal.

So instead, I have just sat here looking through all the new classes this place has to offer. And what do I spy? BOX FIT! Pad work and indirect aggressive violence. Win! Perfect after those long stressful days at work. What better workout than to smash the lights out of some pads!

I’m really quite a placid sort. Honest. Just every now and then hitting things really hard seems to appeal to me. So rather than it be my friends, family or colleagues faces, thought it would be better for everyone if it was a set of pads. You. Are. Welcome.

(Don’t say I never put you guys first).


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