Day: I guess I had a bad workout…


It’s been a funny ‘ol weekend. Exhausting for so many reasons – which resulted in not what I would call too much of a late night, but somehow feeling this morning like I’d hit the tiles till the early hours doing a marathon Zumba session. I honestly can’t remember the last time I “hit the tiles…”. Do people even use that phrase anymore!? *Insert blank straight face*.

The plan was to get up, go for a jog and lift a few weights. But, when the alarm when off, the only thing I could think of doing, was killing the person that invented the alarm clock. That b*stard! Pretty sure it started off as some kind of sick joke – which developed into a money making scam. Tut. Typical greed.

So, here I am having NOT worked out, and instead, feeling pretty sh*t about it. I’m not sure if my grump is feeding through on this post, but if it is… good. I’m having a strop. I’ve had an unsatisfying toast and a cuppa tea for dinner and zero workout achieved. Basically, I might as well just go to sleep now to get this horrific day of failures over and done with.

Tomorrow’s a new day….

…Urgh – even that takes energy to say positively!


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