Day: It wasn’t a breakthrough… I was ill.


This blog has always been about honesty. So, time to fess up…

Turns out, I haven’t had a breakthrough at all in terms of eating anything in sight. It didn’t sit comfortable with me when this first happened. And quickly became apparent that the real reason behind this turn of events was actually because I was coming down with – and yes, this is the medical term – a “Stinking Cold”.

As ashamed as I am to admit that actually, I’m still the same person I was two weeks ago, and will no doubt be back on the pudding wagon this Sunday, at least we have clear cut answers to my shameful actions last Sunday. Turning away sweet delights and wasting food just doesn’t happen in my world. No matter how in shape or on the workouts I am at that time. It just doesn’t. They were created for happiness. And man, am I happy!

If anything, I feel somewhat relieved. I thought I was going to turn into one of those boring fitness fanatics and the sight of anything sugary would send me into a state of panic and anxiety. Cold sweats and everything. Snoozefest.

The only cold sweats I’m experiencing are those accompanied by aching muscles (non workout related), snotty nose, streaming eyes and a fuzzy head. Sorry? What’s that I hear? “Get well soon Snacks…?”  I’m ok honestly. Although if you really feel the need, you may leave your comments of sympathy below… No really, you don’t have to, but if you insist, it will literally take you seconds.

*Insert ‘joking-not-joking’ face*.


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