Day: I had a breakthrough!


After the last few weeks being like a real life conveyor belt of food, to hand, to mouth, to gut… I think I might have hit my peak!

Every Sunday is roast day which usually (and if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know this already), is followed by a selection of at least three puds – of which I politely sample all three.

But today, my friends, I can’t decide if I’ve let myself down… or had a breakthrough. I’m going to go with the positive and say it was one hell of a breakthrough. Let me tell you why.

Tonight. I was faced with a home-made banoffee pie. A full portion. Biscuit base, toffee, banana’s and whipped cream – not forgetting the chocolate shavings on the top. Mmm.
It started off so well. SO well.
But. Then. Well. 3 mouthfuls in.
I had to stop.
For no other reason than I literally couldn’t face any more of the pudding delight. But that’s not the height of this story.

Instead, I reached for… THE STRAWBERRYS. As in, THE FRUIT.
*Yes. You may insert the shocked, Macauley Culkin style aftershave moment, face*

It was a refreshing moment – like the Refresher sweets that give you that bubbly, fizzy burst of happiness in your mouth. That’s how I felt when I realised I’d finally, CHANGED!!!! Things can only get better from here surely!?


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