Day: Chocolate cake beat me

Even though I’m looking forward to my gym opening back up next week, I feel I can justify a ‘final week’ of failures before the real work starts. I started off my day with all intentions of drinking the smoothie I’d made with what I had available in the fridge – but turns out, as […]

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Day: I guess I had a bad workout…

It’s been a funny ‘ol weekend. Exhausting for so many reasons – which resulted in not what I would call too much of a late night, but somehow feeling this morning like I’d hit the┬átiles till the early hours doing a marathon Zumba session. I honestly can’t remember the last time I “hit the tiles…”. […]

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Day: I had a breakthrough!

After the last few weeks being like a real life conveyor belt of food, to hand, to mouth, to gut… I think I might have hit my peak! Every Sunday is roast day which usually (and if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know this already), is followed by a selection of at […]

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