Day: It wasn’t a breakthrough… I was ill.


This blog has always been about honesty. So, time to fess up…

Turns out, I haven’t had a breakthrough at all in terms of eating anything in sight. It didn’t sit comfortable with me when this first happened. And quickly became apparent that the real reason behind this turn of events was actually because I was coming down with – and yes, this is the medical term – a “Stinking Cold”.
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Day: I had a breakthrough!


After the last few weeks being like a real life conveyor belt of food, to hand, to mouth, to gut… I think I might have hit my peak!

Every Sunday is roast day which usually (and if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know this already), is followed by a selection of at least three puds – of which I politely sample all three.

But today, my friends, I can’t decide if I’ve let myself down… or had a breakthrough. I’m going to go with the positive and say it was one hell of a breakthrough. Let me tell you why. Continue reading