Day: N.O means… oh go on then!

FoodAddictionEnough. Of. The. Failures already.

This blog has become more of a diary of the weak and pathetic, rather than motivational with a twist of real life truth.

It appears that if I continue on this current food train, I WILL turn into a chubby, tyre wearing, muffin top hanging, leg chaffing excuse of a woman. Not attractive.

I see food, and somehow, somehow, it just finds its way into my Wallace and Gromit sized mouth! Chew. Swallow. And yep, there’s another 1,000 calories consumed.
(May I just add that my wide mouth won me a competition in my younger years, BUT, it is not an excuse to challenge the amount I can put into it – which is exactly what I seem to be doing at this current time of my life).

Somebody help me. This post of an actual cry for help…

(Ok that’s a bit dramatic, but still – as always, tomorrow’s another day. Probably another bar of chocolate too).


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