MooThis weekend I figured I needed to get my butt into gear and stop complaining about my failures. Moaning is not going to get me fit, or slim, or toned, or healthy.

So. I rolled my wide-load out of bed on Saturday morning to do a mixture of power-walking and jogging on my route around the village. 30 minutes of that, mixed with 15 minutes of weights, squats, lunges, kettle bell dips and other bits and pieces has left me aching today, a lot. Bearing in mind I haven’t worked out properly for a while now, the pain was welcomed. Continue reading

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Day: Cows are actually healthier than me.


FoodAddictionEnough. Of. The. Failures already.

This blog has become more of a diary of the weak and pathetic, rather than motivational with a twist of real life truth.

It appears that if I continue on this current food train, I WILL turn into a chubby, tyre wearing, muffin top hanging, leg chaffing excuse of a woman. Not attractive. Continue reading


Day: N.O means… oh go on then!


If you don’t judge me… I’ll judge you! I ate this today. I’m disgusted with myself. Although, whether that’s because I spent £8 on a freakin’ burger and £4 on chips and couldn’t finish it, OR whether it’s because I thought it was a good idea to have this in the first place. It looks like food only pigeons would eat! I know…

My names Snacks and I eat dirty food… I’ve since then, been 8hrs off the burgers. The road to success, RIGHT THERE! 

But’s lets rewind a second. £8. For a burger. A BURGER! For THAT I was hoping it was cooked by strapping, tanned, beefed up Aussie while stood in his front lawn at his BBQ in the burning sun, before being flown into my hands by the burger angels. Continue reading

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Day: Sh*t got dirty!