Day: Going to the loo is squat I don’t need right now…

I know I said that I wouldn’t begin my health kick until after the Bank Holiday, but turns out the urge beat me! Yesterday morning I managed to roll my wide load out of my comfy bed, to embark upon a 50 minute power walk (YES – 50 MINUTES! Admittedly I did not think the chosen route would take that long, but in true Snacks style, I didn’t give up. Never. Give. Up). I then followed this long walk in the drizzling rain (yeah, I know – even the weather tried to put me off)  and lifted weights, maybe throwing in a few weighted squats and lunges, oh and finishing off by punching the face of a few boxing pads. It was more than satisfying – when in doubt, or stressed, or wanting to let off steam… PUNCH SOMETHING. HARD.

Admittedly throughout the whole workout, I was like “I can’t really feel this hurting anywhere – maybe I’m not working hard enough!”

Yeah. So. Sitting on the toilet this morning was fun. Sorry if that’s too much information, but it’s the reality and you all know it. What’s worse, is tomorrow will only be more challenging. Looks like I’ll be using the disabled loo’s at work tomorrow – if holding on for dear life to a bar at the side of the loo while I desperately attempt to lower myself, is better than carrying my own weight on the way down. Every trip is a like a cliff hanger – will she make it, won’t she!? Well, I guess we’ll find out won’t we…

Will she ever blog again… won’t she!?