Day: …or should I say WEEK of social engagements!


It’s a tough one ya know… Working so hard to keep up your fitness classes each week, and trying to keep up the momentum – but then a super busy week comes along to throw it out of kilter.

It’s more the amount of food that is involved in this week. Welcome lunches for new starters at work, team dinners to celebrate account launches, leaving drinks to send off lovely colleagues in style. I will do my best to make ‘better choices’ but let’s face it. No one like anyone on a diet when you’re out for a meal.

Oh, yar, just the side salad for me please.


*Insert face to palm headbutt*… Urgh. I hate those people. Embrace the opportunity damn it…

So,  I’ll take the pizza for starters, pasta for main and the sharing platter of puddings for dessert. No no, just the one spoon… 


I’d like to say I’ll probably regret it, but in my world, you just keep looking forward. You can always workout – you don’t have to write off the entire week just because you’re social life is on par with the cast of Geordie Shore.