Day: The swear jar funded the snacks!


I may have slipped a little on the sugar and snack department today. I managed my two classes on Monday and an awesome session at Boxercise yesterday so all in all, am feeling pretty good. The amount of sweat that has come out of me this week already, is ridiculous. In fact, I experienced the ‘sweat in eye’ situation yesterday… who’d have thought it would sting so much! For a split second I thought I was going blind!

It’s ok. I’m not blind.

To be fair, I don’t slack at these classes. I’m not one to just go through the motions. I’m talking full on effort here. My bud was even enticing my efforts by shouting names at me (of some of my least favourite people), so I could imagine their faces on the pads while I annihilate them with each set.

Yeah, I bust my wrist.
Turns out I dislike these people more than I thought.
They better not p*ss me off. I have a pretty decent left hook.
I wonder if they read this…

Anyway, that said, today was definitely a day to stock up on a little sugar. It was well deserved I reckon. So I took the money from the team Swear Jar – and no it’s not stealing, that Swear Jar is pretty much funded by Yours Truely – and bought everyone snacks for the afternoon. Blaming the fact it’s, um, Wednesday!? Every day of life is one to celebrate right? The sun was shining, the world is spinning… (Yes, I know, I’m clutching at straws here, roll with it. The kids got snacks, ok!)