Day: Bread found me… a lot.


It’s been a tough few days on the diet front. No real reason. But what I can tell you is that bread has been heavy on the menu. Like, ridiculously so.

Let me give u an example of what I can only describe as a shockingly bad couple of days for the stomach…

Breakfast: Toast (cooked bread)

Lunch: A massive cheese, ham and cucumber fresh bakery baguette sandwich (french bread)

Afternoon snack: A slice of tiger bread with butter (animal named bread)

Dinner: Bread with creamed mushrooms and a portion of chips (you starting to see a trend yet?)

Late night snack: Sausage sandwich (the obvious option at 1am – I’m not a secret late night binge eater, I had been out!)

Breakfast this morning: Yep. A bacon sarnie. (…More bread)

Dinner: An Italian sized bowl of pasta (not even Gluten free or brown pasta… just full on, white carbilious conchiglie)

So u can see my problem here. I’ve lost control and need to get back on track and fast! Somebody, help me, please!

Lucky for me I enjoy wearing oversized sloppy casual garms, thus successfully hiding the bloat. Otherwise I run the risk of looking like the Fat Controller from Thomas the Tank Engine, with his buttons desperately wanting to escape his waistcoat. Not really what I’m aspiring to, but will get there soon if I carry on this ugly path!

But alright. This blog is driven by truth –  I may have lied earlier when I said there was no real reason for the carb fest. It turns out I’d lost another pound this week (mini ‘yay’),  taking me down to 9st 4lbs – so, what better way to pat yourself on the back for the loss…? Exactly! I know you’ve done the same, so don’t roll those eyes at me!