And so we’re back. It’s Monday and I’ve just returned from another double whammy of Zumba and HBT.

After our efforts last week, we managed to double up the attending gang… 8 of us rocked out to the Zumba beats. A great effort made by everyone. Bloody bravo!

However, (and not to put a dampener on their great achievement) as proud as I am of the brave bunch that turned up, it’s not their fault they don’t quite have the stamina yet to brave the Hips Butt’s and Guts straight after. It’ll come. The last 4 standing are a special bunch. It takes grit and determination to stick with it for a solid 2hrs… and I’m proud of us losers that did!

To top it off, I’ve not injured myself. Which means one thing… boxing tomorrow! Oosh!




Day: When 8 Became 4