I know I said that I wouldn’t begin my health kick until after the Bank Holiday, but turns out the urge beat me! Yesterday morning I managed to roll my wide load out of my comfy bed, to embark upon a 50 minute power walk (YES – 50 MINUTES! Admittedly I did not think the chosen route would take that long, but in true Snacks style, I didn’t give up. Never. Give. Up). I then followed this long walk in the drizzling rain (yeah, I know – even the weather tried to put me off)  and lifted weights, maybe throwing in a few weighted squats and lunges, oh and finishing off by punching the face of a few boxing pads. It was more than satisfying – when in doubt, or stressed, or wanting to let off steam… PUNCH SOMETHING. HARD. Continue reading


Day: Going to the loo is squat I don’t need right now…


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It’s been a VERY VERY… VERY lazy couple of weeks. I’ve had absolutely zero regard for what is posted through my pie hole or at what time of day and even less consideration to the idea of even attempting to burn it off.  But despite the grotesque nature of which I have been living (to aid this visual – let me remind you of Waynetta slob), and wishing I could tell you how ashamed I am… the reality is that I’m not. Hang on, let me rephrase that… I’m absolutely and categorically not ashamed. Hopefully that’s a little clearer for you on where I’m at.

I’d like to tell you that I plan to get back on the wagon  – and I will. But it’s the Bank Holiday weekend now. The universe tells me now is just not the right time.


Day: It’s been a bad (amazing) coupla weeks…

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It’s a tough one ya know… Working so hard to keep up your fitness classes each week, and trying to keep up the momentum – but then a super busy week comes along to throw it out of kilter.

It’s more the amount of food that is involved in this week. Welcome lunches for new starters at work, team dinners to celebrate account launches, leaving drinks to send off lovely colleagues in style. I will do my best to make ‘better choices’ but let’s face it. No one like anyone on a diet when you’re out for a meal.

Oh, yar, just the side salad for me please.


*Insert face to palm headbutt*… Urgh. I hate those people. Embrace the opportunity damn it…

So,  I’ll take the pizza for starters, pasta for main and the sharing platter of puddings for dessert. No no, just the one spoon… 


I’d like to say I’ll probably regret it, but in my world, you just keep looking forward. You can always workout – you don’t have to write off the entire week just because you’re social life is on par with the cast of Geordie Shore.

Day: …or should I say WEEK of social engagements!



I seem to have worms – I know, I’m sorry, it’s the only simple way to describe it!!! You know those days where you just graze… constantly. No amount of cake, sweets, crisps or biscuits will fill that hole they call the stomach.  Continue reading

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Day: Weights to burn the cake!



I may have slipped a little on the sugar and snack department today. I managed my two classes on Monday and an awesome session at Boxercise yesterday so all in all, am feeling pretty good. The amount of sweat that has come out of me this week already, is ridiculous. In fact, I experienced the ‘sweat in eye’ situation yesterday… who’d have thought it would sting so much! For a split second I thought I was going blind! Continue reading

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Day: The swear jar funded the snacks!



It’s been a tough few days on the diet front. No real reason. But what I can tell you is that bread has been heavy on the menu. Like, ridiculously so.

Let me give u an example of what I can only describe as a shockingly bad couple of days for the stomach… Continue reading


Day: Bread found me… a lot.



Tonight was boxing night.

Now. Let me take u back a few years when me and my wee buddy used to go to kickboxing training. The session would end with us laying on the floor doing some kind of ab work, with our trainer leaning over us, not only shouting to go harder, but showering us with his very own syrupy sweat. What made this experience even tougher to get through, was the eye level view of his feet and clearly very infected toe nails. Now I’m sure you’re wondering what the hell this has to do with tonight’s class… but my point is that although tonight was testing, it didnt have that mentally challenging element. Continue reading


Day: We flurried the sh*t out of it