Day: I fell at the first hurdle! #FAIL


…like, flat on my face. I do two classes (back to back mind), and I wake up injured! It’s just pathetic!

I make so much noise about being fit and healthy – and here I am, unable to cope with the aftermath of a bustin’ few (although f*ckin’ awesome, if I do say so myself) moves and squats!

I was on fire! My rhythm was second to none, not to mention all the Americanised cheering that my lungs participated in. Well if you don’t go in full throttle, what’s the point right? Wrong. The point is – over do it and risk driving your peers insane from the constant complaints of pain you’re in. It’s just not worth the huffing, puffing and eye-rolling from those around you. It’s like…

Yeah, well I don’t see you dancing to what I can only describe as music from a Nando’s soundtrack and then running shuttles for another hour with a million and one lunges in between!

I was supposed to go to Boxercise tonight. But let’s face it , it’ll just be pointless if I can’t put any effort behind my left hook. I’m not there to throw fairy fists! I want people to know I’ve arrived – Snacks doesn’t do things by halves. Oh no. I’ll make my presence known next week, for sure!