Day: we bossed two classes back to back


Now this might be a normal occurrence for some, ya know – the two classes in a row thing.

Oh yeah, all the time. I mean,  I’d do three if I could. Four even. I don’t even sweat.

I hate those people.

But tonight, me and an awesome rabble from work braved a two hour session of Zumba and what I like to call Hips, Butt’s and Guts. 

I can honestly say every single muscle in my body hurts. Including all four cheeks… I don’t think I’ve laughed like that on a long  time!

That said, I’d just like to apologise to anyone reading this from work, for the cries of pain you may hear from various corners of the office tomorrow. I can guarantee the easy tasks of sitting, standing, walking and generally existing, will be a challenge. Please sympathise. We’re in training for Yomp!

Oh and Boxercise is booked for tomorrow… Yeah,  about that…