Day: I’m craving a workout… of all the things!


Yep, you heard right. Of all the cravings I could be having right now (bearing in mind I’m off the sugar) – a workout is certainly not one of them.

And yes, I will give myself a pat on the back, because after the sugar ban announcement on Sunday, I arrived at work yesterday to be handed a box of 4 cupcakes left over from a party that weekend that had, now wait for it…. FERERRO ROCHER’s IN THE MIDDLE! I might have dribbled with longing over the pretty, delicately placed butter cream swirls, but I quickly dished them out to the team so they were no longer in my possession.

Now there’s a chance I might have awkwardly hovered over a colleague while she bit into the cake so  I could at least experience some kind of pleasure (in a non weird way) at the surprise inside! Or maybe, now something like this does ring familiar in my mind – because said cake owner may have mentioned she was going to SAVE IT for after lunch – that I might have impatiently hacked it open with a plastic knife in front of their eyes so I could feast my peepers on the goods – and then (and I think rather cleverly) “glued” it back together by spreading the icing around the cracks. No one would have ever known!  Except the cake now looked less than appetising. But the proofs in the pudding they say! I’ll tell you where the proof is – right inside that flippin’ cake is where! It looked delightful, even if only for a moment!