Day: I’ve been ordered to cut sugar!


Today is a day of mourning. Turns out that despite my best efforts of eating well and working out, my current status of health has resulted in being told that I must cut out sugar (I’m assuming this isn’t a permanent dietary change – what would be the point in this blog otherwise. You know how I love to share my snacking experiences). So am taking it on board until I’m back on track, in which I’ll then just attempt to eat less. Like I always attempt. And fail.

Now my question to the Dr is this:

By “cutting out sugar” do you mean the obvious kind that u see… donuts, sweets and sugar in tea – meaning Dominoes pizza is a thumbs up? That’s savoury right? I don’t see any sugar on it. So technically….
No?! Ok ok I’ll stick to salads. Score!

There is a silver lining to this little situ I find myself in though, I’m almost guaranteed to drop a lb or two right? Win!