Day: I ate courgette spaghetti for Disney!

I’m off to Euro Disney this weekend for work. Yeah, it’s tough ya know. Sitting through a long ol’ conference that will last a complete total of 60 minutes, before being forced to wander the park, have pictures with the Disney characters and sit on some mundane rides. THEN we’ve been told that we have to attend some this stuffy dinner, and drinks evening which will probably end up turning into some kind of party of which I will begrudgingly dance I’m sure, I dunno. I mean, I’m comitted to my job, so I guess I should suck it up and go. Yeah, I’ll take one for the team this time. But only this time.

So with that in sight, I figured I should save a few calories this week in preparation!

So using this cool thing…


I did this…


And made this…


Courgette spaghetti with cod in parsley sauce! #NoCarbDinner