My braincells have struggled to switch on today… It doesn’t take much mind, considering I can count them on one hand. Admittedly my attention span is usually that of a 5 year olds, but today… well, I think I can safely say it has diminished down to a 3 year old toddlers.

So I got home and ran. They say when you’re having a ‘lull’ to exercise. It’s suppose to help re-energise the mind and body.

Yeah, I want my money back.

2015-07-30 19.20.28


Day: I lost my mojo



…like, flat on my face. I do two classes (back to back mind), and I wake up injured! It’s just pathetic!

I make so much noise about being fit and healthy – and here I am, unable to cope with the aftermath of a bustin’ few (although f*ckin’ awesome, if I do say so myself) moves and squats!

I was on fire! My rhythm was second to none, not to mention all the Americanised cheering that my lungs participated in. Well if you don’t go in full throttle, what’s the point right? Wrong. The point is – over do it and risk driving your peers insane from the constant complaints of pain you’re in. It’s just not worth the huffing, puffing and eye-rolling from those around you. It’s like…

Yeah, well I don’t see you dancing to what I can only describe as music from a Nando’s soundtrack and then running shuttles for another hour with a million and one lunges in between!

I was supposed to go to Boxercise tonight. But let’s face it , it’ll just be pointless if I can’t put any effort behind my left hook. I’m not there to throw fairy fists! I want people to know I’ve arrived – Snacks doesn’t do things by halves. Oh no. I’ll make my presence known next week, for sure!


Day: I fell at the first hurdle! #FAIL



Now this might be a normal occurrence for some, ya know – the two classes in a row thing.

Oh yeah, all the time. I mean,  I’d do three if I could. Four even. I don’t even sweat.

I hate those people.

But tonight, me and an awesome rabble from work braved a two hour session of Zumba and what I like to call Hips, Butt’s and Guts. 

I can honestly say every single muscle in my body hurts. Including all four cheeks… I don’t think I’ve laughed like that on a long  time!

That said, I’d just like to apologise to anyone reading this from work, for the cries of pain you may hear from various corners of the office tomorrow. I can guarantee the easy tasks of sitting, standing, walking and generally existing, will be a challenge. Please sympathise. We’re in training for Yomp!

Oh and Boxercise is booked for tomorrow… Yeah,  about that…


Day: we bossed two classes back to back



There’s a reason why I guess I love where I work. Yeah the people are pretty cool (some more than others) and I guess as far as a “not so 9-5” goes, it’s pretty up there with the averagely ok places to be…

We’re an incentives and motivation agency you see – which means we practise what we preach. Our latest incentive involves fitness and being active in teams! The more you participate in, the more chance you’ll have of being company champ! #GloatingRights

So today, my team got a little more than carried away in the quest to book ourselves in on any class going. Don’t get me wrong I’m fairly fit but…

Zumba followed by legs, bums and tums on a Monday
Boxing on a Tuesday
Trampolining on Wednesday
And Polenastics on Thursday…

…might just see me dead by Friday.

So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading my blog – but I can’t guarantee I’ll be on this planet, or at least in any physical state to move a muscle for a while. It’s been emotional.  See u on the flip side…


Day: I may have bitten off more than I can chew



Yep, you heard right. Of all the cravings I could be having right now (bearing in mind I’m off the sugar) – a workout is certainly not one of them.

And yes, I will give myself a pat on the back, because after the sugar ban announcement on Sunday, I arrived at work yesterday to be handed a box of 4 cupcakes left over from a party that weekend that had, now wait for it…. FERERRO ROCHER’s IN THE MIDDLE! I might have dribbled with longing over the pretty, delicately placed butter cream swirls, but I quickly dished them out to the team so they were no longer in my possession.

Now there’s a chance I might have awkwardly hovered over a colleague while she bit into the cake so  I could at least experience some kind of pleasure (in a non weird way) at the surprise inside! Or maybe, now something like this does ring familiar in my mind – because said cake owner may have mentioned she was going to SAVE IT for after lunch – that I might have impatiently hacked it open with a plastic knife in front of their eyes so I could feast my peepers on the goods – and then (and I think rather cleverly) “glued” it back together by spreading the icing around the cracks. No one would have ever known!  Except the cake now looked less than appetising. But the proofs in the pudding they say! I’ll tell you where the proof is – right inside that flippin’ cake is where! It looked delightful, even if only for a moment!


Day: I’m craving a workout… of all the things!



Today is a day of mourning. Turns out that despite my best efforts of eating well and working out, my current status of health has resulted in being told that I must cut out sugar (I’m assuming this isn’t a permanent dietary change – what would be the point in this blog otherwise. You know how I love to share my snacking experiences). So am taking it on board until I’m back on track, in which I’ll then just attempt to eat less. Like I always attempt. And fail.

Now my question to the Dr is this:

By “cutting out sugar” do you mean the obvious kind that u see… donuts, sweets and sugar in tea – meaning Dominoes pizza is a thumbs up? That’s savoury right? I don’t see any sugar on it. So technically….
No?! Ok ok I’ll stick to salads. Score!

There is a silver lining to this little situ I find myself in though, I’m almost guaranteed to drop a lb or two right? Win!



Day: I’ve been ordered to cut sugar!



I’ve gotten lazy. I don’t know at what point this happened exactly… maybe it was when I realised that cutting down my carb intake actually aided a spot of weight loss, that I decided I didn’t need to work out. But who am I kidding. I’m getting soft. Not cool, not cool at all.

This smug voice in my head has decided to pipe up hasn’t it…

Why don’t you cut the carbs down AND workout you mug. Double success, no!? *Insert pitying eye roll*

The work trip didn’t help, cocktails, champagne and lots of french cuisine (basically buttery pastries – lots of them). That said, I managed my first run in a LONG time yesterday. It killed me considering a lot of the route is uphill – so admittedly “ran” a bit, walked a bit, “ran” a bit, walked a bit… but it’s put me back in the frame of mind to jump back on the wagon! Another run tomorrow and a few weights will sort me out for throwing myself in full steam ahead again…

…until the BBQ on Saturday.
*Shrugs shoulders* Girls gotta eat.2015-07-16 21.39.32


Day: Laziness got the better of me