Day: I took advantage of the sun


There’s a reason I’ve been a little quiet on here. No no, nothings wrong. I’m just experiencing a bit of… lazy b*tch syndrome.

I worked this morning, but then while Mr Snacks wad busting gut helping others move in and tiling other people’s houses because he’s good like that, I’ve been catching up with friends, drinking cider and tucking into ice-cream.

The guilt kicked in that I have in fact, done sweet F A for a good month or so now and sh*ts gotta change.

I’ve been eating well and suppose while I’ve cut down on the carbs and noticing I’ve lost a bit of weight, figured the workouts can take a backseat for a while. Wrong. So I ran.

Ok so maybe I didn’t “run” perse,  but I did jog, walk, jog, walk…walk…walk. It was hard! It’s been a while. Gone are the days of a solid 20 minute jog round the village, for now anyway.