Day: I exercised my brain for a change

It’s been an interesting few days. What was supposed to be a long weekend up in bonnie Scotland, ended up being a night on the Isle of Arran before coming back to reality to take care of business. Which also, didn’t go to plan.

That said, we managed a round of golf (I’d like to say I walked around for 18 holes lugging a heavy golf bag – but driving the buggy is so much more fun), and surprised myself at my new found skill of ‘chipping’. I’m pretty sure Mr Snacks was completely faking the sounds of proud delight, and instead was seething at my pretty accurate skills.

We finished with a mini walk along the coastline before packing up and making the 8hr journey back. And yes, that means 8 hours of snacking. There AND back… and during our time there… and, as compensation for an early return, the face feeding has continued since.

It’s ok, I’m not worried about it, I’ll be back on track tomorrow. Instead, I have been exercising my brain, growing my beauty team for my biz (scuse the plug).

So on that note, I’m now going to go and open the fridge. I guess I’ll just stand there and see what it has to offer me. Dinners in an hour, but I’m hungry now. Girls gotta eat!