Day: Can you O.D on pud?

This weekend has been a BAD weekend for puddings. You’ve heard all about my banoffee predicament, but it doesn’t stop there.

Despite making it to the gym this morning – a guilty reaction to a very yummy curry I had last night – and after hoovering up half of my own tray of the banana delight, I decided to do the charitable thing and donate the remainder of the sweet treat to Sister Snacks’ – she’d just got back from a Hen Weekend, and after a couple of days away from my three nephs, figured she’d need it!  For me, it was a case of

Out of sight, out of mind

Yeah. You’d think so wouldn’t you. Well, wrong. I’ve just got back from dinner at Mumma D’s and what does she pull out for dessert…??? Yes it was banoffee. Yes I had a slab. And yes, I enjoyed every mouthful of it! Realising that this weekend was a write off, I then followed on with a portion of profiteroles, AND strawberry’s and cream.

I think a workout is in order again tomorrow. A workout and back to cutting down the carbs… I’ll accept this weekend as a momentary relapse.