Day: I found myself in a banoffee predicament

Made a tray of banoffee last night for a BBQ that, because of this god awful weather, is no longer happening.

Now I am living in a dieters nightmare (or dream depending on how you look at it), which means the luscious layers of chocolate hobnob biscuit, caramel, banana, cream and raspberry tops, are up for grabs.

I can see it now. Curled up on the sofa, blanket tucked around my legs, surrounded by pillows, with a half eaten tray of banoffee by my side, cream and crumbs falling from my mush, the odd spot of caramel that somehow found its way into strands of my hair… Mr Snacks walks in, disgusted with the scene, while I sit there looking pretty please with myself.

I’m not even sorry!!

Joey Tribbiani, Friends