Day: I colour co-ordinated my breakfast in bed


A successful morning I’d say, when I weighed myself and realised I’d lost a lb! Now weighing in at 9st 5lbs (.8oz), I decided I should celebrate with a colour co-ordinated breakfast in bed – I’ve not been 9st 5lbs in a long time! And I know it’s only a temporary success… don’t worry, I’m not deluded.

I had carrot cake today – also to celebrate the loss of that pound.

My exercise of choice, was dancing around the lounge with my nephews. I think I broke a sweat bead.

And then since I found myself tucking into mouthfuls of their dinner to try and entice them to eat the pasta of deliciousness, figured I didn’t need a proper dinner myself. So had another smoothie.

Might sound lame, but I’m now sat here being able to justify the array of snacks I have before me. Oh and a vodka and (slimline) tonic. Who’s laughing now… Mmm pick n mix and popcorn.

Some call it a cheat day. I call it a day of celebrating 6 days of survival!