Day: Things just got a whole lot more boring


Giving this a go. Started today. My sister-in-law swears that it’s helped her feel better on a day to day. You’re obliged to believe family on such recommendations, so figured it’d be rude not to steal the £20 pack of powder from Mumma D’s kitchen worktop. Yeh, £20! I’m expecting superpowers after this… it claims to give you the equivalent of 16 portions of fruit a veg per serving!!!!!!!! Watch these wings grow!

So, I shovelled a portion into my berry smoothie this morning. It tastes no different apart from making it a little sweeter. I’ll give it a week or so and let you know if I’ve lost a stone, grown lusciously thick shiny hair and nails, and fallen asleep less at my desk!

I’m due to relapse soon anyway. I’ve had cake and cookies laid out in the desk in front of me for over a week now and I’ve not so much as sniffed them let alone eaten any. And to be quite frank, these posts will get boring without failure.